Current playlist / a walk somewhere else

Long time no see. The hardest thing about university is to juggle your studies and your free time. In my course, I do not have a busy schedule and I have a lot of ‘free time’ that are meant to study more than to do others things. What happens to me is that I tend to tell to myself that I need to study and I exclude anything else. I know, it’s a bit intense but I am in my final year so I feel even guiltier if I take some time for my hobbies. I’ve realised that I haven’t written (apart from essays) or made graphic creations since I got to uni, which saddens me. The thing is that lately, I feel that I cannot just study all the time and that in the end I don’t even study that much because I am always frustrated that I cannot express myself in a creative way. That’s why I am coming back on here to write and post about things that I love because I need it. I have a notebook filled with ideas of blog posts but I always tell myself that I have no time or that my studies are more important. The truth is that I need to find my balance between uni and hobbies.

Well, music is something that I will never give up because it literally helps me in every aspect of my life. I cannot study or write in silence and at the same time in my little free time I escape by listening to music. Music is like breathing, it’s essential to me. So I thought I would share what I have been listening to lately. I’ve put some recent discoveries and some old favourites that I will never get bored of.


summer scent

Before I ever got into makeup, there was my first ever perfume. Since then, perfume has always been a symbol of femininity. Of course men do wear perfume but it was my first gift as a teenage girl so I associate perfume with womanhood. Scent is a very personal thing and I wore the same perfume for 7 years. It was a fresh orange flower perfume from a luxury brand* that I would get as a Christmas gift every year. Everybody associated me with this smell and it was really hard to transition to another perfume. Two year ago, when I celebrated my 18th birthday, I had the idea to change perfume to mark the beginning of a new era. It took me one year to find a fragrance because I instantly bought a fragrance that had the same ingredients than my previous one. When you wear the same scent for years, it's really hard to let go of it. It's comfortable to wear and it smells like you. But I found a great perfume that blended with my skin. It's less known and more complex since it's from an exclusive collection. However, I don't feel like I am as attached to it than the previous one. I am getting comfortable with the idea of having different perfumes depending on my mood. I used to hate that idea and didn't understand how people could change their perfume just like that. Until, I went to Victoria's Secret store in London, one month ago during my trip with my cousin. I thought I would never like Victoria's Secret scents because I hate girly and sweet perfumes which I associate with the brand. Victoria's Secrets with its pink everywhere, sparkling bras and in your face femininity, everything that I'm not so fan of. Well I ended up buying 3 fragrance products and here is my thoughts about them.


diary n°001 - A good summer

BOOOO I didn't post as frequently as I planned and trust me it's not because I don't have anything to post because I have a long list of ideas. I just had a crazy busy month of June and first half of July. It was a good kind of busy and it left me more motivated and energized than ever! It feels good when your life is starting to get exciting and good stuff happens. To be honest, I had been frustrated for a while that nothing was happening. I have always been quite anxious about the future in general and I worry so much that my life is going to be boring. I think that's a common thing for teenager and young adult. Because of social media, you see even more what people are doing in a sort of distorted fairytale. They are all going on fabulous vacation, interning somewhere amazing, going on road trip, scuba diving and whatnot. And you are sitting in your bedroom wondering when it's going to happen to you. I have felt that for a long time so if somebody feels the same way, trust me, it will change but only if you do something (cheesy but true). So I picked myself up and starting taking steps towards my dream life. Here's what I did while not posting on this blog.


keep calm and carry a small makeup bag

Beauty is a big passion of mine which started in high school and truly expanded three years ago. Now I'm totally hooked and I follow way too much beauty blogs, makeup artists and beauty writers. I actually never wrote about beauty on my previous blog (I was all about fashion at that time) but this is about to change. You can be sure to find a lot of beauty related articles here so hopefully you'll like reading them. My approach to beauty is quite minimalist, I either like a smoky eye or a bright lip, but not together. Yes, I'm very French that way. But most of all, I adore skincare and hair products. Hello French pharmacies!

But, let's focus on today's topic: My small makeup bag I carry with me everywhere I go.
I cannot be without it. Every time I forgot it (which is rare), I suddenly need to touch up my makeup and I have to spend the rest of the day in a bad mood with a makeup that is running down my face. Not a pretty sight. Thanks god, it doesn't happen that often when I have everything I need in that tiny bag.